Sunday, August 8, 2010

Hot August Days

On our latest trip to the Republic from July 30th - August 3rd, we had a number of firsts.

1. There was no rain - just hot, dusty summer days. Quite a difference! Thank goodness we had breezes most of the time otherwise I truly wouldn't have lasted - I'm not good with too much heat.
2. We had guests this time: the very brave Hetheringtons, who slept in tents and made do with our supremely limited facilities! Dave helped Neville with the roof shingles, and an extra pair of hands is always a huge help.
3. Neville got to go fishing! He, Dave and Calvin got up early one morning and headed out. Alas, no-one caught anything, however, they saw dolphins and seals and if it were me, the dolphins would more than make up for everything.
4. Although we got in the ferry line-up at Whaletown at 9.30am, we had problems getting on a ferry, finally getting onto the 3.50pm ferry... usually we are prepared for one sailing wait, but this time the busy tourist season, combined with a dangerous cargo sailing and the busiest long weekend of the year ganged up against us. Luckily we had loads of food and drinks, but the book I started reading (not a trashy novel, sadly, a good book :) just didn't grab me, so I was bored. Then I discovered I'd brought my new Dwell magazine with me and that kept me going for a few hours. Hopefully that ferry wait was a LAST as well.
5. We used the showers at Squirrel Cove. Can't wait to get our instant hot water set-up going so we don't have to do THAT again.

In the end we didn't achieve much by way of building, in fact I think the only thing that happened was half the roof is now covered in shingles (the big half). Very importantly, Nev also rigged up a clothesline for the boat, which means the boat is now happily moored no matter what level the tide is.

So what did we learn on this trip? Never go to The Seagull Republic on the August long weekend, for one, or at least don't leave on the Monday or Tuesday. But the biggest lesson is to take some time to do something nice and enjoy the island... all work is not the way this was supposed to be. Are you listening, Nibblet??

Nev working on the roof.

Dave helping out.
Looks like a squatter camp, but there were zones for every function!
Still no refrigerator... sigh...

The clothesline in the making (left) and at work (right).

Cooling off.

Inside, the bunky is getting some homely touches... an oyster shell from our beach on the nightstand and a mini chart of the area on back of the door.

The long wait for a ferry. Yukon looking very pyrenees here!
Nev reading about the man who lived with wolves.