Thursday, August 4, 2011

Fame follow-up

I realise I've been a little lacksadaisical this summer and haven't posted anything here. We have been visiting our Seagull Republic every third week... I think it's 3 trips this year thus far, or is it 4? So much to say! And at this time it's tempting never to come back to Lions Bay. Well, at least not until queen B, the good ole boys and the rest of the old clique, have relinquished their grasp.

On the last trip, we had two wonderful guests, Neil and Carolyn, and had a truly fabulous time. Then on the last full day, the clutch cable on the boat snapped (while I was driving!!) and that was it for SRS The First. There's always something. Thanks to Scott and Delia all was not lost - how great to have such awesome neighbours! Carolyn and I spent the day tootling from Linnea Farm (permaculture school, too), Hollyhock (gotta see those gardens again!!), the food co-op, museum and Manson's Landing. Life will be a lot easier now I know we don't have to lug all our food up there - the food co-op is amazing!!

And as for ways to make a living up there, that's where the oyster co-op comes into it. Even though I do not eat oysters, I'm all for sustainable seafood options, and I really like the idea of helping to create jobs on Cortes Island while making it possible for us to move there permanently. It's all about revenue streams, in the plural. And I'd like to be able to imagine our raft bobbing around up there in the pristine waters of Desolation Sound!

The reason this post is titled as it is, is because I did indeed write to the author of that book! And he replied with some additional info about the characters mentioned therein. How great is that?

We're headed up to our little paradise again next week - only hope Frank from Quadra does indeed fix The First on Saturday as promised. Even though Neil and Victoria are going to let us take their canoe on a long-loan basis, I don't think that'll work for Yukon!