Thursday, September 3, 2009

Things I think about at 3.24am.

After blathering on yesterday about how organised we are re camping these days, today dawned very early for us and it's all I can do to not panic about how much needs to happen today.

It didn't help that we had a VERY loud thunderstorm last night, the 2nd or 3rd this season, which is unusual (who doesn't believe in climate change yet??). In short, I've been awake since 3am tickling Yukon, who hates thunderstorms. No sleeping in either, because we had guests in the B&B and we had arranged breakfast for 8.30am which means I have to be in the kitchen at 7.30am looking perky. They were a well traveled, friendly couple from England, so as usual it was pleasant. However, as a not-a-morning person, I'm still stocking up on caffeine in order to think straight.

Luckily it poured with rain during the storm, because the last thing we need right now with our forests being so dry (ditto the climate change comment above) is dry lightning and our mountain going up in flames a la California and Kelowna. I lay awake wondering what to grab, apart from our earthquake kit, if we had to leave suddenly. We used to have a pile of "precious things", with a list for each of us, me, Nev and Lee. Mostly it revolved around getting the cats into their boxes (always nigh on impossible) and in the Jeep with a few other things thrown in like Lee's baby photos.

But in the disco-like dark last night, all I could think of to grab was our passports (Canadian), my mom's important documents and a few handfuls of photos from the large tote in which most of them are packed. Then it occurred to me that Pee and Vee are away and Cleo the Cat is alone in their house on Bayview, so I would have to dash past there if Carolyn wasn't able to do so.

Then I started wondering whether it was thundering at The Seagull Republic, which is also bone dry, and whether our forest there, along with the few giant old-growth trees still standing, would get struck by lightning and flare up. Because then we'd be left with 10 acres of naked rock. And then I wondered whether we would be OK camping under the trees, as we do, and that reminded me that we'd planned to speak to our neighbours about investing in a water cannon in case we have a fire at Boulder Point, which I think we did, or did we?

Then I wondered whether this is what it's going to be like having a second property when there's a real house there, complete with furniture and things? We saw a cabin reduced to a concrete slab and a melted roof when we were looking at a property on the Malaspina Peninsula in early 2008. From the first sign of smoke to the nothing-left stage took around 20 minutes. That's it. Gone in 20 minutes. Also an off-the-grid, boat access only spot, and even though the neighbours and some of the guys from the oyster farm came to help, it was too late.

Eventually I went full circle and started puzzling about what I need to buy, grocery-wise, today, and so there I was counting meals on my fingers as the rain rattled on the roof and the heavens flashed and rumbled. Then I started mentally inventorying groceries that could get stored on The Republic long term once we have a structure of some sort there so we don't have to schlep too many supplies up there each time we go. Aaahh - the things I can find to worry about at 3.24am each morning...

But it looks like it will be chilly for most of our stay on Cortes this time. Not sure if this is good or bad. So we'll have to take something to put underneath the inflatable mattress, otherwise the cold will be seeping up into our bed the whole night, as happened a couple of trips back. Man, was that miserable or what.

I forgot to mention our bedding tote yesterday. We use a queen-sized duvet cover as a sheet so we never really have to make a bed, it just stays put. Right now I'm going to pause for a moment to dream about our bunky (next year?). It's going to be 12' X 16' and there'll be a real bed in it, along with 2 comfy chairs, a dresser, a flap-down table, storage and ultimately a small propane fridge. But it'll be cute. I'm going to paint the inside white so it's cabiny even though it will be basic. All we have to do to make this happen is gather some cash, oh, and I need to design it and do the drawings for it. I can only do the construction drawings once I have done the course I'm starting on September 16th.

I digress again. So, getting back to shopping: We have an ongoing joke about the boat plug, which Nev removes so that rain can drain out of the boat if it gets under the cover. We only have one and it's not comforting that this itsy-bitsy little plug is "stored" in the centre console of The Tank, with a 1,000 opportunities to get lost each day. And always, when we are launching The First, I ask "did you put the plug in?" at least 10 times (a minute). So a 2nd (or maybe 3rd and 4th) plug is a must on the shopping list today.

Which means I should get going right now while Yukon lies in a deep sleep (well, he has been awake all night!) on his mat.

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